Plan Details

  Plan Name : Intermediate
Plan Rate : $ 149 / Month
Plan Period : 1   month
Discount : 10 % For 1 Year
Available Options :
data feed
Auto Craigslist Uploading
data feed
Auto ebay Uploading
data feed
Auto Backpage Uploading
This plan includes your choice of template designs for your own website using your own domain name. 

You website is designated by a "domain" you already have or desire us to obtain for your top tier domain -

Setup for this plan will take longer  since we need to reserve your domain and setup the DNS servers. Contact Us if you need assistance registering a domain or aquiring a domain name and we can help you. Domain names are only $12.99 per year to register with us.

Included in your package is the full vehicle management system. This gives you full manual upload of your inventory, unlimited pictures, website metrics, lead management, credit application form and all content fully managed by you in your own control panel.

Upload all your inventory and pictures.
Add, edit and delete on the fly as needed.

Tracks your website stats for visitors and pages viewed.

Free Templates are included for simple uploading to, and

Contact Us for more information.